Our recruitment process

Do you want to apply for one of our job offers? Find out more about the main steps in our recruitment and onboarding process. 

Our recruitment process

If you want to apply, you can answer the ads we publish on the main recruitment platforms (Indeed, Monster, Pole Emploi, Jobteaser, etc.). We also reach out to prospective applicants via job forums, and if you’re a student or graduate, we can have a conversation during one of our events at schools and universities. 

Once your application has made it through the initial screening process, we will get to know you in several stages: 

  1. we will arrange an initial interview by phone or videoconference 
  2. we will organise one-to-one interviews with members of our operational teams – potentially your future colleagues 
  3. additional steps may then follow (depending on the job), such as a personality test or an evaluation.  

Our recruitment staff and our teams will know how to put you at ease, so you can show yourself in the best possible light throughout the various stages of the process.  


Managers and recruitment staff trained to combat prejudice and promote equal opportunities and gender balance

Equal treatment of all applicants and all employees has been enshrined in the Group’s core values charter for many years. Our goal is to fight against prejudice and discrimination based on people’s gender, age, disability and backgrounds. Managers are educated about how to tackle all forms of discrimination, especially during recruitment processes. New talent is chosen solely on the basis of objective skills and behaviour criteria relevant to the positions to be filled.

Your induction

Our extensive onboarding process introduces you to Eiffage’s business activities in France and around the world to make joining us a seamless transition. We have rolled out digital, learn-as-you-play tools as part of the onboarding process. An e-learning module common to the entire Group familiarises all new employees with Eiffage’s values and its business lines.

Each of Eiffage’s four divisions also makes its own special arrangements and has its own tools. These include seminars for newly recruited staff, escape games, a mobile app to support you during your first few days, and also a serious game presenting the various stages in a major project.  
Initiatives are also arranged locally for interns and apprentices, such as a welcome day, a site visit, etc. They are overseen by a mentor who takes steps to integrate them within the team, helps them learn the ropes of the organisation, shares their experience and reviews potential opportunities for advancement. 

Whether you are just starting out in your career or are already an established professional, we do everything we can to make onboarding a seamless transition.