Follow stimulating and diversified career paths

Through our personalised jobs and skills policy, we monitor the career development of our employees and provide advancement opportunities wherever we can. If you join us, your career is set to take off thanks to the rich and rewarding experiences we can offer.

Take advantage of the diversified professional experience Eiffage can offer

All our employees – managers, supervisors and manual workers – can benefit from internal transfer opportunities relevant for their position, seniority and home base. That means they change position, job and/or location. Internal transfers may be set in motion by the employee or the company.

Eiffage prioritises internal recruitment when it is looking for new resources. Between 1,000 and 1,500 job offers are posted and made available on Eiffage’s intranet. Applications from employees are considered ahead of any others.

In addition, these internal transfers are facilitated by a training policy led by the Eiffage University.

Our business areas
  • Building and Public works

    Eiffage Construction, Eiffage Génie Civil, Eiffage Route, Eiffage Métal, Eiffage Rail and Goyer handle buildings, engineering structures, tunnels, on- and offshore wind farms, roads, building shells and metallic structures, and façades. Learn more about our construction businesses.

  • Real estate

    We design living spaces for local regions accommodating the full range of needs, whatever the scale of the development, district or city. Learn more about Eiffage Immobilier and Eiffage Aménagement.

  • Eiffage Énergie Systèmes
    Energy & Systems

    We can handle power generation, transmission and management solutions and our electrical, industrial, HVAC and energy engineering installation integration and steering projects. Learn more about the full range of Eiffage Énergie Systèmes’ expertise.

  • Concessions

    Alongside project finance, arrangement and steering, our employees can handle the design, construction, maintenance and operation of public facilities, transport infrastructure, renewable energy equipment and buildings. Learn more about Eiffage Concessions and Motorway concessions in France.

  • Group’s cross-divisional departments

    Eiffage’s cross-divisional departments promote the development of and operation of its key contracting, energy services and concessions activities. These departments encompass purchasing, audits, communication, sustainable development and transversal innovation, finance, general resources, human resources and information systems.

Stimulating and varied projects

By joining the Eiffage group, you are opening the doors to a career working on large-scale multi-business line and mono-line projects benefiting the regions:

  • We never shy away from taking on large-scale challenges thanks to the effective collaboration between our various business lines (A79, Grand Paris Express project, Bretagne-Pays de la Loire high-speed line (BPL), etc.) and countries (BPL: France and Germany, BNP Paribas headquarters in Brussels: France and Benelux, Perpignan Figueras/BPL: France and Germany)
  • We play our part in improving and servicing the infrastructure that supports daily life, such as mobility (soft), energy overhauls, heritage illuminations and smart lighting systems. We work on behalf of regions and populations to enhance their well-being and their safety and security.

Take advantage of the wealth of our different geographical locations

A strong foothold in the French regions and in the European countries where the Group operates (Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Belgium, Italy, Romania, Hungary, Switzerland, France, Netherlands, Spain and Portugal) provides a fundamental structural balance. Eiffage has a dense network right across France, enabling it to forge close relationships with its clients.

This broad geographical base represents an opportunity for the Group’s employees. Fostering greater employee mobility is crucial for Eiffage. It helps to meet the needs of our businesses while giving our employees the chance to build rich and varied careers, which can boost their engagement and loyalty.

Eiffage locations worldwide

Eiffage supports you in your career developpment

For your mobility


Support for transfers to new geographical locations

In France, employees moving to a new region are provided with various forms of assistance: their travel costs are paid, they can take an expenses-paid trip to visit the new location, they receive logistics assistance, a moving-in allowance, moving costs, a mobility premium and a partner support package.

To boost your career

Through our personalised jobs and skills policy, we monitor the professional development of our employees and provide advancement opportunities wherever we can. If you join us, your career is set to take off thanks to the rich and rewarding experiences we offer.

I think I’ve been very fortunate to be part of a group like Eiffage because it has helped me to progress. I reached the supervisor grade and was put in charge of a team in 2017, and then I became a manager almost two years ago.

Aline B.

To benefit from our upskilling programmes

Eiffage organises personalised upskilling programmes:

  • tailor-made programmes leading to qualifications are arranged for high-potential managers in partnership with engineering and management schools
  • special training courses are organised for graduate entrants (Horizons Juniors at Eiffage Construction, APRR’s graduate program, etc.)
  • a mentoring programme is offered to APRR’s employees.

My managers are approachable and caring. They support our efforts to learn new skills.

Bastien D.

To train in new areas via the Eiffage University

The Eiffage University makes a wealth of training available to employees: 100 virtual classes, 49 training sessions in the catalogue, 136 MyUniversity modules (16 of them in English). In 2022, close to 5,000 employees were enrolled and completed almost 10,000 courses. The HR teams also conduct an annual review of the progress you achieved (people review, career development conversations).