Eiffage reaches out to schools and universities

Need to meet our recruiters or professionals to get to know Eiffage better and explore various opportunities? Through partnerships or regular participation in forums or roundtable discussions, our teams are consistently present at events organized by your schools and universities. Keep an eye on the schedules!

Learn more about our activities directly on your campus

At Eiffage, we’re keen to meet the students who will go on to become the Group’s managers of the future.  Our recruitment and operational staff set great store by these events because they provide a chance to get to know students, and their wishes, interests and plans and to discuss with them what motivates Eiffage’s employees on a daily basis.  We attend a number of forums (École Polytechnique, Centrale-Supelec, Trium, ESTP, etc.), panel sessions and other events for students from all backgrounds, from high school to engineering school.   

If you’re a student, these events are a great way to meet with our employees and to learn about our business lines (Construction, Development, Property, Civil engineering, Metallic Construction, Roads, Energy Systems, Concessions) through their personal experience.



Work together on educational projects

Eiffage has established a number of partnerships with schools in France including CentraleSupélec, École Polytechnique, ENPC, ESTP and ESITC, as well as many others.  

We are involved in a number of schemes (PFE, TFE, challenges, hackathons, research projects, teaching, site visits, etc.) that aim to foster inspirational and creative inspiration between the Group, students and schools.    


Inno’Vivant 2021 challenge: 82 students take on the task of finding ways for Eiffage to conserve biodiversity

Students were asked to think about ways for construction sector businesses to address biodiversity challenges in four specific areas, with a view to finding practical solutions. The ten teams with shortlisted entries were guided by Eiffage’s experts to help them flesh out their projects. They then took part in the final round of the challenge on 25 November 2021 in Paris.

We can also work with the schools on environmental and social challenges facing the construction sector.  

On 23 March 2022, the Eiffage group and the Insa foundation formalised their partnership around the Innovation for Humanity Alliance. This innovative programme built with Handicap International puts science and technology to work for the benefit of the NGO’s humanitarian causes. Several initiatives have already been established in the Insa group’s schools and in the field.

This collaboration may also give rise to a partnership with one of our business lines. In November 2021, Eiffage Génie Civil sealed a three-year agreement to establish a company chair with the Esitc Caen school. The agreement includes priority access to internships and jobs for students, collaborative R&D projects led by the school and a joint commitment to gender balance and a gender equality agenda.