Full-scale professional immersion via the graduate programmes

Graduate programmes give graduates the chance to gain intimate knowledge of Eiffage and to join it in the best possible conditions by acquiring a range of complementary and personalised experience. Learn all about this Eiffage-designed programme to kickstart your career.

An Eiffage-focused approach

Eiffage’s graduate programmes provide a personalised journey within the Group. Every trainee is given exposure to different business lines according to their individual profile.  

At Eiffage Construction, for example, the Horizon Juniors programme was introduced in 2012. 128 graduates have been recruited under this personalised, made-to-measure scheme. They are given positions in two different regions over the course of a four-year period and, when it ends, they are able to choose the area that suits them the best. 

Since it was introduced in 2010, 20 engineering school or university graduates have completed the graduate programme at APRR. They became intimately acquainted with our corporate culture and crucially gained experience in a dynamic environment, opening the way for them to hold positions of responsibility.


For me, the opportunity to explore two very different professions over 4 years right after leaving school seems like a real chance! In 2 years, we have the time to grasp all the challenges of the job and develop a comprehensive understanding.

Cassandre Druere Works supervisor at Eiffage Construction

Horizon Juniors, Eiffage Construction’s Graduate Programme, in focus

At Eiffage Construction, the Horizon Juniors programme cultivates versatility so you can enrich your skill set, connect with more people and find the position that suits you best within the organisation.  

Over the four-year programme, you will work for two different companies within the Eiffage group, learning about our Group structure and giving you insights into the diversity of our people, our ways of doing things or our strategies. Moves to new locations are also encouraged for the same purpose, with both positions located in different regions. Every year, we offer you four days’ training in specific areas, such as communication, management techniques and budget management. 

Last, but not least, you are given access to Eiffage Construction’s senior managers. Through discussions with your manager, the regional manager and the human resources director, you will soon be able to gain a clear picture of the challenges facing Eiffage Construction and put these insights into practice in the field.  
All told, Eiffage Construction’s graduate programme is an ideal way to boost your career and progress rapidly to high-ranking positions.

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Apply between March and July

Visit our career’s website between March and July and apply to join our Horizon Junior graduate programme.

Each campaign of the Horizon Junior program allows us to observe the diversity of profiles we have in the construction industry. Whether you come from an engineering school, a business school, or a university, you will have the opportunity to build a fulfilling career by applying to the program's job postings published between March and June on our career website.

Jennifer Durier
Jennifer Durier HR Development Manager

Whether you're more inclined towards design offices or fieldwork, everyone can find their place. Personalized support helps us better define our direction, while the training program enables us to develop a range of technical and managerial skills.

Airy Kotchou
Airy Kotchou Cost Estimation Specialist

This comprehensive view of all the business lines that I was able to learn about within the APRR group helped me gain a deeper understanding of the industry and choose the direction in which I want to take my career.

Alexandra Erb
Alexandra Erb Head of the APRR sales and marketing department