The Eiffage University

Our offer is built around the Eiffage University, which runs the cross-divisional training and represents a common repository for the Group and the divisions’ training organisations, which house the expertise specific to each of the business lines. It encompasses both in-person and remote sessions and features “MyUniversity”-branded online modules.

Cross-disciplinary training

Training is crucial to our future because skills development is one of the seven pillars of our employer brand and because our ability to make a difference is rooted in our know-how and expertise. Every year the Group delivers close to one million hours of training in France.

Alain Noret
Alain Noret Director of the Eiffage University

The Eiffage University provides shared training courses designed internally and catering to the requirements of the various divisions and employees to ensure experience and best practices are passed on effectively, to disseminate common methods and to develop new skills.

The Eiffage University:

  • runs shared training courses designed internally
  • delivers courses catering to the requirements of the various divisions
  • makes sure experience and best practices are disseminated
  • raises awareness of common methods
  • and promotes the development of new skills

Eiffage University makes available to all employees a high-quality range of practical training courses catering to its business lines:

  • achieve greater understanding of the business challenges that need to be addressed,
  • stay closer to the front line and offer practical experience on worksites or projects,
  • share more rewarding experiences,
  • nurture a common culture and enable us to grow collectively.

Specialised institutes for responsive training

Each Group division has its own internal training unit specialised in providing training in its own area of expertise.  

  • M’Academy, Eiffage Énergie Systèmes’ business line training institute 
  • The Construction Institute for the Construction division’s business lines 
  • The Infrastructure Institute for the Infrastructure division’s business lines (civil engineering, roads, metallic construction, rail) 

The role of the institute is to:

  • onboard new employees smoothly 
  • train employees in the specific features of its business lines 
  • disseminate best practices internally 
  • make the most of experts’ knowledge and ensure skills are passed on effectively 
  • comply with the relevant statutory and regulatory imperatives when working on the projects entrusted to them. 

MyUniversity’s online training

Eiffage’s online training platform covers a raft of different areas, such as onboarding, desktop productivity solutions and personal development. This provides self-paced “made-to-measure” training on any device that can be taken as and when required.


Eiffage’s Climate School training employees for the ecological transition

In June 2022, Eiffage launched the Eiffage Climate School, an online training programme to understand climate change or take steps to advance the ecological transition in our business lines.  The Eiffage Climate School forms an integral part of the Group’s climate action plan. It aims to upskill all employees in the areas covered by the three operational sustainable development commitments, i.e. low-carbon activities, the circular economy and biodiversity conservation. This programme has two parts: i) understanding climate issues, i.e. biodiversity and living ecosystems, and ii) taking action within the Group, an area updated by Eiffage to reflect the specific characteristics of its business lines.

In a world that is changing even more rapidly and becoming ever more complex, our conversations, our processes and our HR systems are becoming digitalised. Not being digital-savvy will increasingly hold back people in both their professional and personal lives. Our programme aims to “Make digital technology an opportunity for everyone”, helping employees gain the digital skills they need and supporting the take-up of Eiffage’s digital systems. It consists of five half-day modules, backed up by internal digital sponsors trained in providing support.