The Eiffage Foundation and its engaged employees

Because every employee is also a citizen, Eiffage, via its Foundation, nurtures outreach projects that aim to broaden access to employment and prevent marginalisation. If you join the Group, you can help to support projects close to your heart. 

The Eiffage Foundation

Since 2008, the Eiffage Foundation has supported a great variety of initiatives fostering social inclusion and access to employment for people living at the margins of society. 

Most of these projects aim to broaden access to jobs via access-to-work programmes and businesses, training-based projects, and institutions accommodating the needs of people living with disabilities. Others focus on delivering training that provides professional skills or leads to qualifications, tackling illiteracy or helping those otherwise unable to afford it to get a driver’s licence via subsidised driving lessons. Others still aim to broaden access to housing or pursue integration via cultural or sporting initiatives.   

Learn more about the Solidarauto subsidised garages supported by the Eiffage Foundation

Whatever the cause, projects are chosen because they are firmly anchored in local communities in France or in the country in which the Group is active, ensuring employees can track its progress locally. 

All current or retired employees personally involved in general-interest organisations are able to submit their projects to the Foundation to establish new partnerships with non-profits.  


Employee outreach

Without the assistance of the Group’s current and retired employees, the Eiffage Foundation would not serve any purpose. They are the ones who take the lead. 

They contribute in one of two ways: 

  • they may sponsor non-profits supported by the Eiffage Foundation; 
  • they may volunteer at one of the Foundation’s non-profit partners, such as Article 1 or Solidarités Nouvelles face au Chômage.