Internships, work-study placements and voluntary international corporate placements – alternative routes into employment

We endeavour to offer internships, work-study placements and excellence-based training courses to students and graduates who are potential recruitment targets.

Internships and work-study placements form a key pipeline for training young people in our business lines

In view of our sector’s and our Group’s strong momentum, we are developing work-study placements and student internships as a key channel for recruiting the talent we need today and in the future.  

Across all our business lines, we recruit interns and work-study students for long- and short-term placements. These are suitable for a range of applicants from vocational training certificate holders to postgraduates. In addition to a standard training background, we are primarily looking for young people excited about the prospect of working in construction, energy services or concessions.


Eiffage Route’s work-study placement students’ day

End-of-degree voluntary international corporate placements

Voluntary international corporate placements are arranged under a French government scheme whereby a French business entrusts an international assignment to a talented individual from France or the European Economic Area aged 18–28 (at the start of their assignment).  

With its positions across 50 countries on five continents, Eiffage hires graduates under the voluntary international corporate placement scheme every year. We offer them the chance to gain enriching initial experience and to take part in the Group’s international expansion. 

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