Become an employee shareholder at Eiffage

Play your part in a Group in which we are the core shareholder. Employee share ownership gives you a direct stake in Eiffage’s strong financial performances. We have blazed a trail in this area, with close to 80% of our employees now shareholders. That high rate reflects the trust and commitment we have earned from all our teams.

Engagement from our employees

Since the plan was first launched in 1989, employee share ownership has gone from strength to strength at Eiffage – with more and more employees investing over the years. Subscription rates have increased almost every year across all our various professional categories from tradespeople to employees, supervisors and managers. They now stand at over 73%. Employee share ownership channels our employees’ commitment and engagement and underpins our independence, strength and unique identity.


Employee share ownership safeguards our independence and reflects employees’ well-being and trust. It also provides a promise for our customers and partners of engaged employees committed to the success of their projects.

Sonia Chevalier
Sonia Chevalier Head of Group employee share ownership

An opportunity to build a nest egg

Employee share ownership brings many benefits. It provides an opportunity to buy units in an open-ended investment company (holding Eiffage shares) at an attractive price (in connection with the annual capital increases priced at a 20% discount to the share price and supplemented every year by any dividends paid out by Eiffage to its shareholders).  

It’s a great way for our employees to build up a tax-free nest egg of savings that they are able to access after five years or in certain circumstances providing for early access (purchase of a new main residence, marriage, etc.). 

Joining the ranks of Eiffage’s employee shareholders also gives employees a say in the future of the Group via the votes cast at its AGM by the supervisory board of Eiffage’s open-ended investment company.


A messenger on hand to explain all the benefits as soon as you join the Group

More than 1,000 messengers at all the Group’s facilities help to spread the word about the benefits of employee share ownership and to answer questions from all our employees. Their role is also to instil our corporate culture in new arrivals. When you join our Group, you are rapidly put in contact with one of these messengers.

Employees from across the generations are able to get together to influence the future direction of the business, just as they have always done in the past. It’s an important way to keep the family spirit alive within the Group. It’s also a good investment: if you become a shareholder, you are effectively working for yourself as well as for the Group.

Martin Freynet Civil engineer and employee share ownership messenger at Eiffage for the past 17 years